The ‘World of Hoops’ photo project originated in 2015 while I was traveling around the world. It was next to a gas station outside of Beijing where I shot the first bucket. It was so out of place that I had to capture it! It was after shooting the tropical Colombian Cartagena court two months later that I knew that it had become something. It became an interesting way to navigate through a city, to visit neighbourhoods you wouldn’t typically find yourself in, a fun side project while exploring the world. Over time the photo project grew slowly into a never ending story of capturing and portraying basketball courts and their cultures from around the world. Every court tells a different story if it’s by the placement of its lines, its location, or its surroundings. Nevertheless they all have one thing in common, and that’s a rim. Without the rim there is no basket, without the basket there is no game, without the game there is no life, because we all know…Ball is Life.


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