Towards the end of 2023, I was approached by adidas to contribute to their retail experience, RunLab. RunLab is an in-store running experience, offering customers a comprehensive biomechanical running analysis report, featuring insights into gait kinematics and kinetics among others. The goal of the RunLab project was to increase adidas credibility & expertise as a running brand. For this project adidas utilized a third-party tool by MotionMetrix (an expert in biomechanics) for conducting the running analysis. As adidas had ongoing running pilots in several stores. Due to its pilot status, it followed MotionMetrix's visual style. Seamless integration into the adidas brand was crucial.

I worked within the Digital retail team and together with the Retail Consumer Experience team. My role involved focusing on the digital aspects of the experience and I was responsible for developing the "big" screen designs for various stages: idle, active during treadmill use and results screen. Additionally, I redesigned the first version of the MVP of the analysis report that is generated based on the completed run(s). In the initial phase, we determined that the MVP would entail transitioning the existing experience and designs to reflect the Adidas look and feel, while minor UX enhancements were considered, major changes were not within scope. This because of it’s pilot state and because that way we could get results faster.

Throughout the entire project, our objective was to infuse a more technical and scientific ambiance by showcasing different metrics being measured on the "big" screen. We pursued an approach similar to “information overload” creating a sense of activity and engagement with multiple elements displayed simultaneously. As for the report, our main focus was on enhancing the user experience by integrating extra guidance, ensuring users could navigate and interpret the data more effectively.



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Director: Thamar Swart
Copywriting: Kevin Marc Koppe
Project management: Lucia Marote

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