Kinner Italia FW12

The roots of Kinner Italia lie deep within the world of Italian rugby. For years Kinner has supplied men of action and other heroes with high quality and indestructible footwear. To re-launch the brand as a fashionable footwear brand, we created a brand world that was inspired by the past, yet designed for the future. The Kinner Italia brand stands for (young) men who work hard. Men of action. Men who live with all their heart. A brand for the strong, the brave and for those who walk their own path and make their own mistakes. A brand for “Fallen Angels”. This concept of Fallen Angels became leading in everything: from the design of the shoes to the photography and visual identity: raw, original, industrial. The product photography revealed the experimental character of the shoes through daring angles, close-ups and ‘special’ effects.

Kinner Italia FW12
Kinner Italia FW12
Kinner Italia FW12



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Premium Inc.

Creative Direction André Bouwman
Development & animation Oskar Sundberg
Photography Ingmar Swalue

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